Sales Intelligence










How it works?

Establishing criteria & required verticals

Meeting with the LG Specialist to determine the best fit consumer, a key prospect persona interested in the services and goods offered by the client.

TAM Analysis

Total Addressable Market performed by the LG Specialist, to determine the maximum obtainable number of leads using the set criteria.

Recommendation for increasing TAM

The Specialist will also provide recommendations which could increase the TAM.


Establishing a workflow to determine the leads per hour, difficulties of the project and total obtainable leads per day/week.

Free Sample

Small custom sample of the LG campaign, 50-100 qualified leads.


After discussing the project criteria, performing the TAM analysis & calibration of the campaign, agreeing upon a set price per campaign.


Actual research commences, setting a daily lead goal, with each lead being 100% verified for accuracy and validity using our tech process and human effort.


Weekly quality assurance to guarantee 100% data validity.

Data Delivery

Weekly delivery of the set upon number of leads, in a .csv format to be used by the clients' sales and marketing team to build pipeline and create more opportunities.

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Do you know how to make a sale?

          It’s not a tragedy if you don’t, that’s why we’re here! We all want our business to grow, and for that to be possible we need to be one step ahead. Generating the right data, identifying the ideal profile of the target audience, along with approaching the right strategy and more, are the key to our desired growth. All of this is what we call Sales Intelligence.

Why do we need Sales Intelligence and what can we do for you?

Personalised data

The data is so accessible that it becomes a challenge to choose what is right for you and your business. When your competitors have access to the same data, it becomes increasingly important to differentiate yourself. How can you do that? Let us help you with personalized, accurate and useful data - this is where it all starts. Of course, this data will come bundled with extremely useful insights and more.

Time saver

What if all this data could be generated in real time? Time is precious, and we can help you save it. With the help of Sales Intelligence you can have the data you need, in real time, analyzed and customized according to the context.


Research or what you are doing when you don’t know what you’re doing

The research activity is the basis of the processes to be carried out, so it is important to be done properly. Let us do that for you. We start from your objectives and analyze in detail each factor in order to implement efficient solutions that will grow up your business.

Find the ideal customer profile

Who is your business for? What are the needs, desires, preferences of your customers? Using Sales Intelligence you can set your target audience, but also you can get to know them, which is an impediment necessary in establishing your sales strategy. Know them and show them what they want.


Recommendations to expand the target audience - TAM Analysis

Now that you know who to contact, you are going to expand this segment. We can help you with recommendations that can guide you in expanding your target audience, an expansion that will generate an increase in your business.

Great campaigns, great results


A successful campaign can have great results. Sales Intelligence will help you achieve a visible increase in sales by building effective campaigns, conducted on several channels so that the impact is really strong. The sales cycle must be understood, and the way that we communicate must be adapted to it - this is what we do.

Plan and prioritize


It is important to start with a well-established plan, depending on priorities for appropriate results. Maybe you don’t know how to do that, but we do and we’ll help you use the data to get where you want to go.

Support and counseling


In all the above mentioned you will have the help and support of specialists in the field. We will be there to show you real results.  We can set the deadlines and the offer together according to your requirements and needs.


Your business needs a change, a smart and fresh strategy, that's why we are here.

Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today -

Keep us close and don’t worry about the rest.


Ready to launch?