Better visibility through stunning visuals

Them, Zupría - a software company at the beginning of the road. We, Opyum - the ones who can turn any story into a successful one. It all started when they wanted a specialist to help them convey the message, in an authentic way. They came with the desire, we came with the solution, putting into practice what we know to do best - to create stories, but also to make them visible.

We came, we saw, we created. We set our wheels into motion to bring Zupría into the spotlight, through innovation, authenticity and uniqueness. Said and done! Here we are at the beginning of a communication strategy, which would be an efficient one and ready to put into practice. We created a concept to focus on the human side - the consumer, but also on interaction, in a modern way. It focuses on the interaction between specialist and consumer, which is the one that leads to exceptional services and products.

The visual component was defined as an integral part of the strategy and built in a professional manner. The idea behind the visual material was to capture those natural, real hypostases that include the consumer, emphasizing the idea of an innovative society, in which the software component plays an important role. Also, in the same manner we chose warm, pleasant, friendly colors.

The main challenge was to increase brand awareness using the self-education factor. This was based on the creation of non-linear micro-moments in the interaction with the uninformed consumer.

Because specificity is the key word when it comes to an efficient targeting process, we have turned our attention to the national market, but also to the international one, especially to the European Union. However, our focus hasn’t been on just any market, but to the market segment that is of interest, respectively the software services market and beyond.

Having all the data established, what remained to be done was to stage them. Channels, recommendations related to content, but also planning a calendar in accordance with the specifics of the company.

All of this and more, with the help of dedication, professionalism, creativity, but also the charm that recommends us and brings our work to another level. And the story continues…

It may seem impossible now, but in the case of Zupría, things can be improved. Opyum can add value to every business it comes in contact with. You just have to let us do our magic and everything will astonishing.

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