Putting football on the map in Galați

Actualizată în: 10 Dec. 2020

Oțelu Galați, a local junior soccer school, was launched 5 years ago and has since managed to achieve notable performances and achieve notoriety due to its coaches and players.

Despite these results,, no one knew the true value and hard work behind the won matches. That is why we decided to turn this project into a resounding STORY reaching out locally, nationally and internationally. We wrote and rewrote the School’s story, we penciled in the history and personal experience of those who gave birth to the most rigorous training and mentored those who will one day become the national champions! 

This is how we brought  „Romania’s winning soccer ball” to the public eye,  representing everything the School has to offer: players, licensed coaches, training drills and modern soccer facilities .

We created their logo, developed the #team’s marketing and social media strategy, building a new and unique image for the School and guaranteed market visibility.

Every champion needs a story! And a story without identity is just news. Oțelu Galați Soccer School now has both the story and the identity to help them achieve their goals!

#TeamOpyum never disappoints.

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