Sales oppotunities for Zupria

Our partners from Zupria are a software company focused on creating customized applications to increase the productivity of companies. However, they needed something extra. And because we, at Opyum, find the solution for everything, we found it this time too - Sales Intelligence. They considered it was a good idea to work with us in this direction, so we got to work!

We used a marvelous combination of tools in order to increase efficiency and create new opportunities. The project consisted of mining databases related to the verticals they provided for us, prospecting in the EMEA area with a focus on the U.K. and driving these leads to the level of interest in which the business discussion was taken over by their sales team. All these things have been accomplished by using maximum security for the data provided, so that both the business and its consumers are safe.

We know that the time spent collecting this data can be a distraction for the entrepreneur from the sales process. So, through Sales Intelligence we saved that time, providing useful, accurate and laser focused data, so that our partners can focus on sales, without further distractions. These were just some of the activities undertaken by our team throughout the process.

The results are visible and certainly growing because our partnership continues! Over the course of a year, Zupria expects the partnership with Opyum, through Sales Intelligence, to generate outbound pipeline and generate a 247% ROI. The results and perks are major, and your business benefit from this as well! Wondering how? Sales Intelligence is the answer.

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