Media Buying

We eat, sleep and breathe media buys. Well, practically, we have specialized knowledge about various traditional and up-and-coming media channels and can use this expertise to get our clients the most "bang for their buck".

Ready to launch?

Before media buying happens...

We must perform research to optimize the return on investment on your advertising budget. We will examine the target audience for a product and determine which venue or combination of venues will best serve it. For example,  we utilize demographic and geographic research related to the product to optimize your media buy. The budget also may dictate when an ad should run and where it should be placed. For example, bigger budgets can mean access to regional or national markets. Smaller budgets may mean local newspapers or radio. Once the right venue has been chosen, we will approach whoever owns the desired slot or space to negotiate a price, timing, and the rest of the deal.

Our purpose is to create value for advertising clients by finding and creating deals.